Galaxy S6 Edge Will Reportedly Crash Samsung's Galaxy S6 Party

By Matt Hill on at

Full-time Samsung fan site and part-time secret revealer Sammobile reckons it's rustled up another couple of Sammy exclusives.

First, the entirely unsurprising news that the next Samsung flagship phone will be called the Galaxy S6 – that crystal ball is good – but the second is a tad more juicy: it will launch alongside a Galaxy S6 Edge version, too, apparently. So now you may not have to buy a niche handset to see your notifications while splayed on the sofa.

As ever, there's no sources with these tidbits, just a huge hunk of salt and dreams, but Sammobile is often on the money. Although the ensuing commentator disappointment at the rumoured non-revolutionary naming convention not matching the rumoured overhaul of the design and innards – Quad HD 2560x1440 display, 64-bit Exynos 7420 processor and Broadcom's new BCM4773 sensor chip, speculative stat fans – of a handset not likely out till next spring is perhaps a little premature.

With Galaxy S5 sales disappointing, it's not ideal for Samsung, either. [Sammobile]