GCHQ Launches App to Encourage Next Generation of Hackers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our security service has launched an app it calls Cryptoy, a "fun, free, educational" app that's been designed to give secondary school pupils their first look at the exciting world of cryptography. It'll teach them all about how the Snapchat photos of their genitals are kept secure.

Designed itself by students on an engineering placement with the service, the app uses encryption techniques from an "earlier era," but the core concepts of building secure communications methods are the same.

GCHQ's director, Robert Hannigan, said, "Building maths and cyber skills in the younger generation is essential for maintaining the cyber security of the UK and growing a vibrant digital economy. That is why I am keen for GCHQ to give something back through its work with school and universities."

The app's currently only available for Android tablets, which isn't of much use to schools that have blown their IT budgets on fleets of iPad Minis. [GCHQ]