George Clooney Saw the Sony Hack Coming

By Ashley Feinberg on at

The debilitating, arguably humiliating Sony hack has pretty much screwed over most anyone who's ever had anything to do with the company ever. But when the time comes to lay blame, lay it not on George Clooney. For as with everything else in life, George Clooney had the upper hand. His prophecy by email lies below.

George Clooney Was the Only One Who Saw the Sony Hack Coming

The message came from yesterday's leak of Sony exec emails, where we found George Clooney's prescient words nestled amid the data dump, bearing a wisdom no one was ready for. At least, Amy Pascal, Sony Picture Entertainment's co-chairman, certainly wasn't; she just laughed off George's "you're probably going to get hacked at some point so I'm just gonna say some shit" message as a fun little joke.

Just like the fun little jokes made by Nostradamus himself.

Image: Getty/Stephen Chernin