George Lucas Hasn't Seen the New Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Racking up 72 million views in a week, the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer is on course to become the most-viewed movie promo clip of all time. But Star Wars creator George Lucas hasn't contributed to that tally at all -- he's admitted to not having seen it yet, and having no intentions of doing so either.

“I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t seen it yet,” Lucas told Page Six.

Having handed the reins of the franchise over to Disney and director J.J. Abrams, it's not all sour grapes though. Lucas's decision seems innocently based on his own love of the franchise, and of the act of cinema going itself. "I like going to the movies and watching the whole thing there. I plan to see it when it's released," he said. But, despite handpicking Abrams himself to helm the film, Lucas stated that he was "not really" curious to see what the Lost creator would do with his galaxy far, far away.

Unlike the rest of us mere mortals that will have to wait until December 18th, 2015 to see it, you'd assume that Lucas will be able to set his peepers onto a pre-release screening far earlier either way.

In an interesting note in the Page Six article, Lucas's son Jett Lucas revealed that his father was "very torn on the matter" when it came to selling Star Wars to the Mouse House, and that George Lucas himself had been working on his own new sequel trilogy before taking the Disney dollars. You have to wonder what he'd have come up with this time around. Probably something a little like this: