Get the Retro PS4 20th Anniversary Console Look for Just £7

By Gerald Lynch on at

To mark 20 years of PlayStation, Sony today announced its 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 console, giving its latest-gen machine a 1994 makeover. It'll cost you £399, if you manage to track down one of the 12,300 consoles it's planning on putting out and there are no announced UK retailers yet. And, let's be honest, that price is going to sky-rocket once these rare machines (inevitably) hit eBay.

But, if you're fond of a bit of DIY sticker customisation you can get (nearly!) the same look for just £6.99 from eBay (on top of the price of a regular PS4, of course).

You could argue that, with its eject and power buttons, and faux top mounting disc tray, it's even more accurate a likeness of the first-generation PlayStation than Sony's official homage.

And, if the PS1 / PSX isn't your bag, why not a Spectrum ZX from eBay seller Hotwire Graphics?

Or a NES?

Or even an Atari?

You'll need steady hands and a fearless attitude towards leftover sticky-back residues on your expensive console, but you'll save yourself a good chunk of change over hunting down one of Sony's limited-edition consoles.