Google Glass Alive and Kicking as Patent Hints at Potential Sequel

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's Glass hasn't had a great time of late. With its retail stores closing and lack of presence at this year's Google I/O, it's looked all but doomed, with Android Wear smartwatches stealing its wearable thunder. But a newly-uncovered patent suggests that Google is far from finished with its face-computer.

Though the original Glass is hardly chunky, it's surprising how noticeable even a little weight is once it's sitting on your nose. The revision detailed in the patent suggests Google will be looking to smartly shave a few more grams off the design, removing the nose clip in favour of two small ear hooks. These ear hooks also look like potential battery compartments too, which would result in a far more equal distribution of weight.

Unlike the existing model, the main display unit in the patent version could shift over either your right or left eye, depending on your preference, with its touch pad now featuring a textured finish.

Add on top of this the rumoured inclusion of an Intel processor, and it seems there's life in the headset yet. Glass, on paper, feels like the future, a device that you'd want to prove its worth. But in practice it's uncomfortable and only offers scant functionality -- even for what's essentially still a "beta" product. Maybe the tweaks suggested here could reinvigorate interest in the concept. [USPTO via Slash Gear via TechAeris via TechRadar]