Internet Security Firm Norton Helps Develop Unhackable Trousers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Norton has added its stamp of approval to trousers and jackets made by Betabrand, reassuring buyers that the contents of their pockets can't be hacked when wearing the gear -- because the pockets block radio signals.

Blocking the RFID/NFC field is the main trick of the jacket and trousers, with Betabrand suggesting this can stop hackers lifting your stuff by stroking their phones and card readers against your groin. Not that that's ever really happened outside of a hacker's stinky laboratory bedsit, but still.

Full development of the shielded man trousers and woman jacket are both dependent on reaching a certain number of pre-orders to make the money. The trousers have smashed past their target, although the jacket's still got a little way to go. [The Verge]