Is This the New Wii U Gamepad?

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Recently, a Mario Kart 8 commercial popped up on Nintendo's official YouTube channel. It features what could be a new Wii U GamePad. "Could be" because Nintendo blurred it out.

That's not the only odd thing about the ad. The commercial is on the YouTube Channel for Nintendo Co., Ltd. (you know, Nintendo of Japan), but the clip is labelled as "European Version" (欧州版). Via Hachima, here's the ad in question:

And here is what the current Wii U GamePad looks like—in case, you don't own a Wii U or have forgotten!

Is This a New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know. 

Initially, I thought the difference could be explained with the angle at which the GamePad is held in the commercial.

Is This a New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know. 

But things like the button and thumbstick layouts do not appear to be the same, nor does the width on the sides. Plus, the screen does appear large. There's also the suspicious matter of Nintendo not shooting the shot with a deep focus and, thus, blurring out the image.

Maybe this is something over nothing, but what is certain is that the GamePad is due for an overhaul.

新型『Wii U』開発中か!?TVCMに新型コントローラーっぽいものが映ってる・・・ [はちま起稿]

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