Jaguar Land Rover Wants to Put AR Gaming Ghost Cars on Real Roads

By Gerald Lynch on at

Jaguar Land Rover has already showed off a videogame-like windscreen concept that would show drivers the optimal driving line for any given road. But the car manufacturer's magpie-like approach to turning gaming staples into futuristic concepts doesn't end there -- it's now eyeing up projecting "ghost" cars onto windscreens too.

The "360 Virtual Urban Windshield" would use a screen embedded in the surface of each pillar within the car, taking a live video feed from cameras mounted on the car's exterior. These would give the driver a 360-degree view of their surroundings, eliminating blind spots. The B-Pillar screens would be motion activated, only switching on when the car recognises the driver looking over their shoulder.

But it's the "Follow Me" ghost car mode that'll be most familiar to gamers. It's intended to "aid navigation on busy urban roads" using an augmented reality projection system in the windshield, allowing a driver to follow a digitised convoy lead displayed within the car. The windscreen could also count down traffic light wait times and point out famous landmarks or points of interest such as parking spaces.

Just a concept for the time being, you'll have some time to wait until this becomes a real option in cars. But its application beyond navigation is obvious too -- you can easily imagine F1 drivers having a similar system, loading up a rival's race data and taking them on down at the training circuit. You know, just like in a videogame.  [YouTube]