Japan Introduces Chip-Rationing as Potato Crisis Hits McDonald's

By Gary Cutlack on at

Japanese branches of McDonald's are refusing to sell anyone anything other than a small portion of French fries at the moment, as a dispute with US dock workers is delaying the arrival of the famed skinny chip in the country.

Local McDonald's bosses have even resorted to flying in potatoes to meet demand, with several thousand tonnes arriving by air over the coming weeks -- but that's still not enough to stem the looming potato crisis. Japanese burger bosses explained: "If we continued offering fries in sizes other than small, there was concern that some stores will face a shortage of supplies by the year-end or early next year."

20,000 shipping workers on the west coast of the US are causing the delay in exports, with shipping timetables more than doubling as various disputes over working conditions cause containers and ships to pile up. [Guardian]