Let This Crack Designer Turn Your Address Into a Logo and Stamp

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

For better or worse, almost every form of correspondence in our lives has migrated onto the internet. Except for one: Thank you notes. And since you're about to have many of those notes to write, consider stepping up your game with a sweet personalised address stamp.

For £23.01 (plus shipping), the Chicago-based company Ink and Water Designs will take your info and mock up a sample design based on their templates, then send it back to you for approval. As they note, "design is 50% of the process when creating these stamps," so they'll work with you to make sure everything's just right.

If you're someone who takes a perverse pleasure in the irrelevance of outmoded technology—be it stamps or physical thank you cards—or you just need a shot in the arm to motivate yourself to actually finish off your thank you list, check them out. They also do custom business stamps like the one above and wedding stuff, too. [Ink and Water Designs]