London's Buildings Not as Cultured as Berlin's, Says Top Architect

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brit starchitect Sir David Chipperfield, who's designed the likes of the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames and is restoring the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, says London's planners and the private companies that pay to remodel the skyline are guilty of ignoring the cultural impact of architecture.

Chipperfield says of Berlin: "...there is still an idea of the public realm. We have given that up in London. We have declared the public realm dead; the question is how to get stuff out of the private sector. We are unbelievably sophisticated at that."

He says in Berlin people look at the buildings and think about what they mean, whereas we look at them and think they're pretty and wonder how fast their broadband is. [Guardian]

Image credit: Neue Nationalgalerie via Shutterstock