London's Garden Bridge Gets OK'd By City Hall, But Will Require Crowdfunding

By Gerald Lynch on at

Boris Johnson's office has just given final approval to the controversial Garden Bridge, set to offer a leafy walk over the Thames, connecting Temple and the South Bank.

Estimated to cost £175 million, City Hall and the Treasury have both committed £30 million each to the project, with a further £50 million offered up in private donations.

That leaves £65 million to raise, and BoJo and co are hoping you'll rustle some change from down the back of the sofa -- Londoners will be invited to support fund-raising efforts next year by donating directly themselves.

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick based on an original concept by actress Joanna Lumley, the bridge is set to open in the summer of 2018. It'll be open from 6am to midnight, accessible by two lifts at either end of the bridge. Admission will be free, though cyclists will not be allowed on the bridge. Well, at least not whilst riding their bikes, anyway. [Standard]