Make Sure BT and EE Play Nice, Vodafone Asks Ofcom

By Gerald Lynch on at

With BT confirming a £12.5 billion buyout of mobile network EE last night ("BTEE" -- we're coining it), rival mobile provider Vodafone has, quite fairly, got the hump. Reliant on BT's Openreach fibre network to transmit its wireless carrying operations, Vodafone fears it and other networks that compete with EE will be offered duff deals on broadcast tower connection fees.

According to an anonymous tipster speaking to Business Week, Vodafone will request that Ofcom keeps an eye on BT's business practices going forward. However, while Ofcom can "provide technical advice to the relevant competition authority", it'll be down to the European Commission and the UK's Competition and Markets Authority to act should the new conglomerate leverage a monopolising position. [Business Week]