Medieval Tube Map Shows London's Older Constituent Villages

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a pleasingly simplified version of London's iconic and ever more crowded tube map, one that rolls back the years to list the locations of the old villages and hamlets that once existed in the middle ages and have now been absorbed into the megalopolis of the south east.

The map features such classic Blackadder-esque names as Walnut Tree Field and Cyrringe that have mostly been pulled from the 1086 Domesday survey, while places like Whitechapele and Knottynge Hull will be familiar to today's hemmed-in commuters. Here's the full thing you can click on:


Completely barren places have been named after landmarks or the first recorded place name, back when it really was mostly all fields with just the odd leper sleeping in a hedgerow. [Londonist]