Men Talking About Football Dominated Twitter in 2014 #Banter #Lads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sport has once again dominated a tech thing, with Twitter's 2014 stats revealing that the World Cup, and Germany's momentous shaming of Brazil in particular, was the year's most tweeted about thing.

Twitter says that six of the ten most popular tweets of 2014 were about matches at the tournament, as blokes momentarily put down their pints and branded official tournament snacks to express amazement/fury/confusion about what they were seeing on the social network.

In terms of the world outside of sport, a tedious and simpering thank you message from some pop band idiot was the most retweeted status update of the year, picking up a staggering 359,471 retweets and 422,311 favourites. That puts the seven retweets your funny Photoshop picture got in 2012 into stark perspective. [Twitter]