Mystery Bangs Were Either Experimental Jets, Meteors, Space Junk or... Croydon Fireworks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Weird banging noises in the sky were heard across the UK from places as far apart as Devon and Aberdeen on Saturday night, if you believe people on Twitter, with explanations ranging from experimental jet engines to weird weather and disintegrating meteors.

Anyone old enough to remember Concorde will be familiar with the booms and window-shakes it could generate while whisking rich people off to America, so many #conspiracy #nutcases think something supersonic was messing about up there. But if it was a super-secret plane with an experimental pulse detonation engine, testing it over a populated part of the world seems like a pretty crappy way of keeping it secret.

The Met Police thinks the bangs heard down south were from a fireworks display in Croydon, before you get too excited. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Fireworks from Shutterstock