Next Version of Bluetooth Will Directly Connect to the Internet

By Kate Knibbs on at

Bluetooth is the clever tech that connects devices together over short distances. The technology's upcoming 4.2 spec may make it a bit more clever: it will directly connect to the internet.

This means people who want to use Internet of Things-style smart home devices and connect appliances and other gadgets to the internet will be able to do so using Bluetooth as a hub. Bluetooth has been called out for not supporting internet protocol IPv6 in the past, which is one of the reasons gadgets like the Nest thermostat uses wireless networking protocol Thread instead of Bluetooth. But this new version fixes that, and will help Bluetooth compete against Thread.

If you're an Internet of Things user, don't get too excited. While 4.2 spec is available now, it hasn't rolled out its connectivity features yet, and you'll need to wait until devices implement the updated version (and you buy those devices) to be able to use it. [Engadget]