North Korea Threatens to Target the White House Following Sony Hacks

By Jamie Condliffe on at

North Korea isn't happy with the US. After the FBI pointed the finger firmly at North Korea and Barack Obama got on board, the country has warned that it will strike the White House and "the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism".

Strong rhetoric like this is not unexpected, nor unprecedented, from North Korea, but it does underline just how little the country likes what the US is doing right now. In the statement, the country's National Defence Commission warned that it will act against the US if it needs to:

"Our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the White House, the Pentagon and the whole US mainland, the cesspool of terrorism, by far surpassing the 'symmetric counteraction' declared by Obama."

North Korea refutes allegations that it hacked the servers of Sony Pictures, going as far as offering to help the US investigate the incident. The US is having none of it. At this point, what happens next is anyone's guess. [AP via Guardian]