Oculus Rift CEO Wants VR Experiences Where You Don't Move Much

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though the Oculus Rift is being touted primarily as a gaming device, you may want to lower your expectations as to what sort of experiences will be on offer when it eventually releases. According to CEO Brendan Iribe, the company is pushing developers to work on projects where the player doesn't have to move very much.

"We really are preaching and pushing for stationary experiences and very, very little to no locomotion," Iribe told Businessweek.

"You're just going to have different experiences made for VR, made for comfortable VR," added Iribe. "It's a different platform you're targeting. Just like you don't have big, rich Call of Duty experiences on your mobile phone—it gets Clash of Clans."

Somebody better warn this bloke then:

In all seriousness though, it does highlight a major obstacle that Oculus still has to overcome -- the fact that many players still experience motion sickness when using the headset, to the point where the company's top execs are urging devs to make less kinetic games, is worrying. The dream, surely, is to be able to dart around Skyrim or Half Life's City 17, totally immersed by the technology? Until Oculus completely solves the issue of nausea when wearing the Rift, this latest virtual reality resurgence may not meet gamers' demanding expectations. [Businessweek]