On Three UK's One Plan? You Won't be Able to Renew Your Existing Deal

By Gerald Lynch on at

Three UK's One Plan was one of the most attractive tariffs on the UK mobile market, offering unlimited data, generous minutes and text allowances and, until recently, unlimited tethering. Three introduced new plans back in March, and announced that it would cease to sell the One Plan going forward. What that meant for existing One Plan customers at the time was unclear -- it was confirmed that unlimited tethering would end with whatever time was remaining on their agreed contracts, but what of the other details of the plan?

Well, customers are now being told that they are not allowed to renew a One Plan deal, and will be asked to consider Three's other alternatives instead.

That probably comes as little surprise, but according to a Three UK worker that contacted Giz UK, many customers will likely be stung by a price hike if they wish to retain something similar to the deals they currently have.

"This will mean the end to the users unlimited tethering and a price rise as the SIM plan for all-you-can-eat mins and all-you-can-eat data on a SIM only is now £25," said the Three staff member. "Many users at the moment pay £15 or £20 for the One Plan." [To clarify, most networks allow loyal customers to negotiate bespoke deals in order to retain custom, hence the discrepancy in price between £15 and £20 for essentially the same deal. Ed.]

A Three UK spokesperson offered the following statement:

Like all businesses we change our offers from time to time. In March we launched new plans giving customers extra benefits and flexibility and we are consequently phasing out old plans. We are therefore contacting those customers that are out of contract on legacy plans to let them know about the changes. They will have 60 days to decide what to do and if we don't hear from them then they'll be moved on to a one-month rolling SIM plan that they can cancel at any time.

Our new plans have a range of additional benefits, data tiers and pricing. It is a phased approach to move people who are no longer in contract on to the new plans. Existing customers that are in contract, will not be affected.

Though the writing has been on the wall for a while, those coming towards the end of a One Plan deal may want to start assessing their options.