Over 10 Per Cent of the UK's Wildlife Hotspots Have Been "Lost or Damaged" Since 2009

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats from the Willdlife Trusts, which monitors nearly 5,000 wildlife areas in the UK, say more than one in ten of the UK's hidden little gatherings of animals and brambles and stuff have disappeared or been at least partially trashed in the last five years.

The numbers claim that "development and neglect" are causing the loss of many local wildlife spots, including woods, meadows, hedgerows and more, with 717 out of the 6,590 places the trust monitors being lost or gravely ruined between 2009 and 2013.

The UK has nearly 43,000 Local Wildlife Sites in total, so if that 10 per cent loss is carried across over all spaces, we're looking at some extremely serious butterfly displacement. [Willdlife Trusts via Guardian]

Image credit: Badger from Shutterstock