Party Like it's 1982 With the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Micro Console

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're a gamer of a certain vintage, chances are you had a ZX Spectrum. Released back in 1982, it was massively popular, being one of the first mass-market computers that you could pick up for less than £100. Now its creator Sir Clive Sinclair wants to bring it back as an all-in-one mini console, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega.

A crowdfunding venture seeking £100,000 before the end of January, the ZX Spectrum Vega will come with 1,000 built-in games, plugs straight into a TV and has "sufficient memory to allow the user to download the many additional games we will be making available from time to time free of charge."

Though the £100 asking price may seem a bit steep at a time when you can pick up an Xbox 360 for not much more second-hand, some of the cash will go to good causes too. As the team explains:

The development of the Sinclair Spectrum Vega is complete, and we have a fully working prototype waiting to go into production within the UK. We are making contact with thousands of the original Spectrum game developers in order to secure their permission to use their games on the Vega, for which a combined software royalty will be donated to charity ‒ Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.

There are also some nice funding perks for those that pledge a little higher, including signed concept art from Sinclair himself, a book about the console's creation and an opportunity to meet the team. And it's looking likely to go into production -- with 59 days left, it's already hit more than £90,000 of its £100k goal. [IndieGoGo]