Party Like It's 1994 With a PS4 That Looks Like a PS One

By Matt Hill on at

Retro gamers are having a bloody field day today. Once you've crowd-funded Sir Clive's Spectrum rival to the tune of 100 notes, maybe you'd like to chuck another £399 at Sony for a PS4 that looks like an original PlayStation? Enough nostalgia in your wallet and space under your telly?

Released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PS One (that's today), the cleverly named PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition throws in the new-gen console, a DualShock 4 controller and the previously exorcised PS Camera, daubs them all in a fine coat of "Original Gray" and then whacks the price back up to non-Black-Friday standards.

Well, with the colourway's stocks limited to just 12,300 worldwide, that resale value when the next generation lands in the 2020s is sure to be way more, we guess. Why 12,300, I hear you ask? The original PlayStation came out on December 3rd. They presumably wanted to sell more than 312 of the things but didn't think 94,123 was exclusive enough.

This is where someone points out that people won't really be partying like it's 1994 because it's a new-gen console, silly. And this is where we insert a joke about how all the best PS4 games are indies that look like they were made in the 90s anyway. In short: we're all silly. [PlayStation]