People Might Actually Care Who You are Thanks to This DIY LED Name Tag

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The next time you're at a conference and forced to wear a humiliating name tag, swap that crap sticker for this LED badge, which you build yourself. The soft glow of its 50 red LEDs is sure to have your fellow attendees actually caring what your name is, what you do, and if you're willing to make one for them, too.

People Might Actually Care Who You Are Thanks To This DIY LED Nametag

The DIY kit is $20 (£12.77 excluding shipping to the UK, £20.22 including shipping) and comes with everything you'll need to assemble the name tag, short of a soldering gun, solder, and the necessary skills to wire up 50 LEDs. But all of your painstaking hard work will pay off when you get to program your name, up to five characters long, on the badge. Wait, just five? I guess I've always wondered what it would be like to be an ANDRE. [Maker Shed via Better Living Through Design]