PS4 Competition Closed, Winners Delayed Due To Entry Deluge

By Gizmodo UK on at

Yes, this is exactly what the Giz UK office looks like right now.

It's fair to say we're quite overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of the stories of gaming yore we've received in the past week, attempting to top our 'Win a 20th anniversary PS4' competition. Between site comments, Twitter and Facebook we've been inundated with entries – our minds almost stopped processing at 500. Thanks to everyone who entered.

But because we feel it only fair to read them all, this whole process is going to take a fair bit longer than we envisaged. We can only apologise (feel free to mock our ambitions to run a competition over the Christmas period).

So while entries closed as stated at mid-day on 27th December – any after that will not be considered – please bear with us on the winners announcement. I know you're itching to know and we'll get through them as quickly as we can – and we'll make sure everyone knows when there are winners to announce.

Consoles will still go out week commencing 5th January, so there will be no delay in them whistling their way to anyone, so fear not.

Image Credit: Business life workaholic at Shutterstock