Ralph Baer, Inventor of the First Games Console, Dies Aged 92

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ralph Baer, the man behind the Magnavox Odyssey, has passed away aged 92. Many knew Baer simply as "the father of video games", with his "Brown Box" (as he referred to the Magnavox Odyssey) considered the first ever games console.

Licensing the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, its design -- a box that used controllers and hooked up to a TV -- remains the foundation of every home console since.

Baer, whose other inventions include the "light gun" (itself the first ever gaming peripheral) and the Simon pattern-and-colour matching toy, was awarded the National Medal of Technology in 2006 and the Pioneer Award during the Game Developers' Choice Awards in 2008. You can see Baer picking up the Pioneer Award in the video below. [Gamasutra]