Schoolkids Make 'Ukik' Immigrant-Kicking Ukip App

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ah, kids these days, you've got to love them. While I was still playing with my Jurassic Park toys, the youth of today is out making right-wing-baiting satirical smartphone apps.

The game in question is "Ukik", made by a group of 18-year-olds (under the FonGames banner) from the Canterbury Academy. Starring "Nicholas Fromage", who shares a striking resemblance to Ukip leader Nigel Farage, the player stands on the edge of the white cliffs of Dover, and is tasked with booting an "immigrant" off the side as far as possible in order to achieve a high "racism" rating.

It seems it's the use of the word "racism" in association with elements that could quite easily be viewed as representing Farage and his party that's wound up old Nige' the most.

"Those elements are risible and in many ways pathetic. I think I'm quite well known for having a sense of humour," he said.

"I'm a public figure and of course people are going to have views. But elements of this game appear to cross the line." [Telegraph]