Sky Launches New £10 Fibre Broadband Service

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky is today introducing a new "entry level" fibre broadband service. Sky Fibre costs £10 a month (on top of a £16.40 line rental charge, £30 one-off installation fee and £6.95 router delivery), which Sky claims makes it the most affordable standard priced fibre broadband package, once rival's sign-up offers are removed from the equation. BT's Infinity 1, for instance, costs £15 a month once its introductory 6-months-at-a-fiver deal runs out.

Sky's Fibre service offers speeds of up to 38Mbps, but isn't unlimited -- its fair usage policy sees you capped at 25GB a month -- 5GB more than BT's same speed Infinity 1 package. For unlimited usage with Sky, you'll need to stump up for either its Fibre Unlimited or Fibre Unlimited Pro options. They're priced at £20 and £30 a month respectively on top of the line rental charge, with Fibre Unlimited Pro offering download speeds of 76Mbps and uploads of 19Mbps. [Sky]