Sony Pictures Will Screen 'The Interview' on Christmas Day in The US After All

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Multiple cinemas in the US are now announcing that Sony Pictures has authorised Stateside screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day. It's not such a bunch of cowards after all!

Within minutes of these tweets, news emerged that Sony Pictures was planning to announce a cinema release and video-on-demand strategy. Promotional pages for The Interview, namely the film's Twitter page, also started to come back online.

Details remain vague about exactly how many cinema will be screening the Seth Rogen comedy about assassinating Kim Jong-un that's supposedly to blame for the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures. North Korea is reportedly to blame.

Less than a week ago, the top five cinema chains in the US decided to drop The Interview, after receiving threats from hackers that screening the film would result in 9/11-scale violence. Sony Pictures announced later that day that it had no plans to release the film in any way.

Then, the president got involved. Last Friday, Obama said that Sony Pictures "made a mistake" by deciding to pull The Interview. In the same breath, the president reiterated the importance of free speech. He said of Sony Pictures, "I wish they had spoken to me first." Well apparently, Sony Pictures has heard him now.