The 12 Best Android Apps of 2014

By Gizmodo UK on at

Our weekly round-ups of all the newest and best apps are as much a part of Giz UK's furniture as Mr. T extolling the virtues of PlayStation 4s in comments. So after 52 weeks of investigation, here is a selection of the best Android apps from each month, spanning the crazy year that was 2014.


Deus Ex -- The Fall: The fourth game in the Deus Ex series is continuing its award-winning streak by launching on Android. Set in 2027, you play as Ben Saxon, a mercenary and former member of the SAS searching for the truth behind a global conspiracy that threatens his life. With direct references to Deus Ex: Human Revolution and an engaging story set to continue in future installments, this is a must for any fan of the series. [£4.99]


Travalarm: If you're anything like me, if you're going somewhere in the morning you tend to get up at the last minute, so any road obstacles have a very good chance of making you late. Travalarm is an integrated alarm clock and traffic monitor. So if there are any reported delays on your route it'll wake you up earlier to compensate. If you commute via public transport it'll also alert you when you're nearing your stop, so you can nap on the way. [Free]


Web PC Suite: Everybody hates wires. They get in the way, and use up valuable USB ports. But USB cables are the only way to mass organise your device's data, aren't they? Not any more. Web PC Suite allows you to connect your device to your computer wirelessly with the magic of QR Codes. Web PC Suite lets you access and organise all of your device's files from a browser without the need for an annoying wires. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and you're good to go. [Free]


IFTTT: Another app that has finally made it to Android from iOS. IFTTT lets you create "recipes," which are basically commands that let you do cool things with your phone. Maybe you want all your Instagram photos automatically shared to Flickr, or a text message whenever you get a Twitter notification -- well IFTTT will do it for you. Fantastic tool to make your device a little bit more interesting. [Free]


AllCast: There are plenty of apps that will stream videos and pictures to Chromecast, but not many that stream to other devices as well. AllCast will stream to pretty much every device imaginable: Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more. [Free]


Parallels Access: Many remote access apps are focused on one type of computer, but you might have more than one. Parallels Access will give you full access to the software on either a Mac or a Windows PC. So wherever you are, or wherever your files are, you'll be able to access them from anywhere. [Free -- with subscription]


Commandr for Google Now: Google Now is fantastic for hands-free searching, but it's not that good for hands-free everything else. Commandr is a way to fix that, by utilising Google Now it allows you to control more aspects of your phone. Say you're driving and you want read a text you've just been sent: Commandr will read it for you. It doesn't give you total control yet, but users get to vote on future voice commands in the many updates to come. [Free]


WeTransfer: Transferring big files isn't that easy. Your only real options are to use cloud storage, or perhaps even share using a torrent file (which is highly frowned upon for no good reason). WeTransfer aims to take the hassle out of it, and will let you send files up to 10GB in size absolutely free. All you need is an email address. Better yet, you can share from anywhere on your device; just hit the share button and you're good to go. [Free]


Trinus Gyre Test - screenshot

Trinus Gyre Test: A great way to get the Oculus level of quality on mobile VR devices. Essentially you'll be streaming PC games to your mobile, and the free version will only work for up to 10 minutes meaning you can try it and make sure it all works before you spend anything. If you've wanted some great VR games without having to shell-out a lot of cash, this is a great one to try out. [Free]


Snowball Beta: Messenger apps are all the rage, yet we still always tend to use the same one or two. Snowball isn't another messenger that none of your friends are using, rather it's a hub to use all your messenger apps. One inbox, that's only one tap away from everywhere in your phone. Cool eh? [Free]


Greenify: Apps are what makes having a smartphone worthwhile, because without them we might as well have a phone that only makes calls and texts. The problem is that some of these apps enjoy guzzling on power and memory more than others.

Greenify identifies those apps and sticks them into hibernation mode when you're not using them. It's just been updated, it's got a UI inspired by Material Design and stability has been improved. Just one note, while it does work without, this app does work better on rooted devices. [Free]


Minuum Keyboard: This one is a smaller keyboard that takes up much less space on your screen, and has an advanced autocorrect that means you can type quite poorly without things going wrong. It's been updated with a Material Design-style interface, and the aforementioned improved autocorrect. [£1.10]