The 12 Best iOS Apps of 2014

By Gizmodo UK on at

Our weekly round-ups of all the newest and best apps are as much a part of Giz UK's furniture as Mr. T calling us fools in the comments. So after 52 weeks of investigation, here is a selection of the best from each month for iOS, spanning the crazy year that was 2014.


Camscanner+: Sometimes you might need to scan something but you’re not in a position to use one -- it’s unlikely sure, but it does happen. CamScanner is a lifesaver in such a situation. Using your phone’s camera, you can use the app to quickly load a document onto your phone. The latest version is redesigned for iOS 7 and to celebrate, the premium version of the app is free for a limited time, so get in there quicksmart. [Free -- with optional subscription]


Catchr: You never can be too careful with your phone nowadays, especially with all the sensitive information we trust them to hold. But how can you be sure some nefarious individual isn't using your phone when you're not looking? Catchr will log when it's been used, what apps have been accessed, and it will even map where the phone has been. Perfect for all you people with chronic paranoia. [£1.49]


Firechat: Here's an interesting one, a messaging app that is "off the grid" -- i.e. it works when there's no data or phone coverage available. Before you get all excited this isn't the kind of app that will let you converse with your mates in Australia, this is restricted to the local area. But if you're in an area with sketchy signal, like a festival or a sports stadium, then it's a rather useful (and easy) way to stay in touch with your friends. Of course you can always start conversations with randomers, whatever floats your boat. [Free]


Mingleton: Mingleton is an app designed around breaking the ice and getting touch with people nearby. Designed to let someone anonymously know that you're willing to mingle, you can find out if they're willing to mingle as well. Once you're interacting you can find out which mutual friends you have, what interests you share, and so on. A great way to meet new people, especially if you're at a party and don't know anybody. [Free]


Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Stereo: Apple music players haven't had much in the way of design changes over the past 13 years (blimey, the iPod is 13 years old?), but Stereo is there to make it a bit more interesting. Designed to help you reminisce about the days flicking through your vinyl records, it's a great way to make your music player a bit more visually appealing without ruining the functionality. [£1.49]


Inky Mail: A simple email app that helps to organise your inbox and minimalise clutter, letting you find your important emails quickly and easily. The new update lets you download your old emails via Wi-Fi, edit your signature, and adds more space between the buttons so that typing is much easier. [Free]


Nando's: Ah Nando's and their chicken, it's almost as well known as KFC and its... erm, chicken. You may be aware that Nando's offers a takeaway service, and now that service is available on your iPhone. It's quicker, easier, uses PayPal, and means you can order while on the go. [Free]


Hanx Writer: Do you just wish you could use the far-superior writing implement that is the typewriter but without having to deal with things like slow typing and only having a single physical copy?  You should try out Hanx Writer, which gives you the illusion of using a typewriter, but with the same speed and precision you get from typing on the iPad's screen. Though, admittedly, it would be much faster (and easier) if you just used a keyboard. [Free]


GIF Keyboard: Sometimes word just don't cut it, and emoji are all-round lame. When you want something that shows exactly how you're feeling, you want a GIF. GIF Keyboard will let you send GIFs within iMessage for the recipient to see without having to click any unnecessary links. It's customisable as well, so you can pick and choose your favourite GIFs to share with friends. [Free]


Billguard: Mobile banking is incredible, you can actually keep track of your finances on-the-go instead of printing a statement or accessing a computer. Now wouldn't it be easier to have all of your accounts in one place instead of two or three different apps? That's what BillGuard is for. That and a bunch of other stuff including showing you your spending habits with graphs, searching the internet for money saving coupons, and helping you save. It's only just been made available here, so you should check it out. [Free]


Translator Keyboard: Translation has never been easier. No more fuss of copying and pasting chunks of foreign text into a separate application. It's easy to swap between this and your normal keyboard, and with 44 different languages to translate to, and 32 languages to translate from, you've got a handy little tool. Now if only they could turn it into an ear implant... [£1.49]


Star Wars Journeys: Beginnings: Relive the Star Wars prequel trilogy by reading, racing, and battling your way through all three films. There's also plenty of original art to browse, and podracer racing to quell your fast-paced fix. [£0.69]