This Bangkok Toilet Thinks It's The London Underground

By Matt Hill on at

There's nothing we love more at Giz UK than other countries' white-hot creative teams having a go at recreating British iconography for nefarious means.

Whether it's The Yorkshire County Fish Bar doubling as a gift shop at Disney's Epcot Center or that medieval pub that serves buffet breakfasts and Jägermeister at the Excalibur casino in Vegas, these commercially driven, not-quite-right home-from-homes are surrealist institutions to be cherished.

And while Giz's former editor Kat Hannaford may be sashaying herself around the world's hottest locations while we freeze ourselves silly back in London, her recent stop off in Bangkok just revealed another for our collection: shopping mall Terminal 21's rather brilliant London Undergound lavvies.

The rather mammoth Terminal 21 – it has the largest escalators in Thailand at 36 metres of moving floorage – certainly sounds a bit more interesting a place to empty your wallet than Westfield, with nine floors themed around various locales such as Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Hollywood, Caribbean and San Francisco twice (the city and the pier are deemed so cool they get a floor a piece). "Oxford Street of London" is on the second floor…

While the rest of the capital's storey gets the usual red telephone boxes, Tower Bridge and Union Jacks slapped over everything, the bathrooms go the extra Square Mile with a mock Tube carriage running down the side…

…while the cubicle doors themselves are plastered with what appear to be rather awkwardly sponsored parody map decals. Renaming Lancaster Gate as LG is one thing, but Dial-4-A-Loan Square and Habitattenham Court Road?

Well, we suppose it beats Pootney Bridge and Finchley Load, which is where we'd have started. And extra historical accuracy points for Queensway being closed for bloody ages (even if the actual dates it was out of action were from May 2005 to June 2006, Tube Stat fans).

Anyway, once ensconced in your little porcelain-tiled sanctuary of Britishness, each sparklingly clean toilet is actually Japanese styled, with a multitude of bidet and shower options, as shown by this lovely YouTube video…

Which is not just far nicer than the country's typical squat loos, but also than the actual toilets in most London Underground stations. Now, anyone got 10p?

Thanks to Kat, Lucie and Ricky for images