The Best Games to Play in 4K Right Now

By Damien McFerran on at

So you've invested in your swanky new 4K-ready television, sheepishly man-handled it into your living room and found a flat surface large enough to accommodate its gargantuan mass, but what's next? While watching football and House of Cards in glorious Super HD is all well and good, nothing truly shows off all those lovely pixels like a spot of interactive entertainment.

However, don't go rushing out into the Christmas shopping sprawl to pick up a PS4 or Xbox One just yet: while they're billed as "next gen", neither of those machines is actually capable of playing games in 4K (in fact, they often struggle to output 1080p).

No, to realise the tantalising dream of 4K gaming you'll need to invest in a monstrously powerful gaming PC rig and hook it up to your TV. Once you've done that, feast your definition-hungry eyes on the five games listed below, all of which are more than happy to run at 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda's fantasy epic is another veteran title that looks brand-new when viewed through the magical 4K filter, and is therefore well worth digging out of storage.

Improved 4K textures and pin-sharp definition lend the ice-covered world of Skyrimrenewed beauty, and the fact that it's not a cutting-edge release means you'll be able to hit 4K, 60 fps performance without having to spend a fortune on new PC hardware. Just be aware that you'll need to download fan-created mods to achieve the level of detail shown here.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Activision's latest crash-bang-wallop war simulation is one of the newest games on this list, and as a result you'll need a pretty robust PC setup to get it running at over 30fps in 4K. But the entirely rebuilt graphics engine positively sings in Ultra HD, even granting Kevin Spacey's slightly wooden performance enhanced gravitas. Arguably the most visually impressive title listed here, Advanced Warfare on the PC puts its console cousins to shame.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

A gore-filled and rather grim take on Tolkien's world-famous fantasy literary epic, Shadow of Mordor features plenty of decapitations, buckets of orc-blood and a plethora of opportunities to sneak up on goblins before sticking them with a rusty blade. It also offers some some truly sublime vistas to oggle at, despite the smoke-covered and desolate setting of Mordor. You'll appreciate your investment in 4K when you're staring out over the Dark Lord's diseased domain in clarity so sharp you could cut yourself on it.

BioShock Infinite

If there was ever a video game location which deserved to be viewed in the highest possible resolution, it's BioShock Infinite's cloud-city Columbia. This aerial metropolis packed a considerable visual punch even at 720p or 1080p, but when rendered in Ultra HD resolution it looks like an entirely new place. It's remarkable that a game like Infinite (which is getting on a bit now) looks so much better in 4K, and goes to show just how big an impact those additional pixels can make.

Grand Theft Auto V

There really is no better way to appreciate the all-new first-person mode in Rockstar's recently relaunched crime epic than in 4K.

The whole experience of GTA 5 is given renewed clarity and detail thanks to those additional pixels and better quality textures, and the exclusive video editor, which allows you to create your own shareable caper movies. That feature won't be making its way to consoles, meaning that the PC version is the definitive way to play this esteemed classic.

The game will be released for PC on 27th January, 2015.