The End is Nigh for Google's Nexus 5 as Production Stops

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google seems to be engineering a few smartphone collector's items. Speaking to TechRadar, it's confirmed that last year's Nexus 5 won't be getting a further production run, stating that "once they are gone, they're gone."

Shifting focus to the 6-inch Nexus 6, those looking for a vanilla Google phone will have to stretch their mitts around the newer phablet-sized smartphone. "We'd suggest people get them while they can", said the Google spokesperson. Going by the UK Google Play Store, it may already be too late -- displaying only the black colour option, neither the 16GB or 32GB versions are listed as being in stock. Anyone interested will have to try to track one down at a network retailer, it seems.

While it's not a surprising move (even popular phones can't be churned out forever, so the focus inevitably turns to producing newer products), the Nexus 6's gigantic size has been divisive -- having the smaller option was appreciated. It's worth remembering though that Nexus handsets are designed as a blueprint for the rest of the Android-supporting phone manufacturers to follow. If even Google now sees the future of smartphones in larger sizes, it may well be worth steeling yourself for 6-inch smartphones becoming the norm rather than the exception. [TechRadar]