The Future of Payments Could be a Handshake With Barclaycard Contactless Gloves

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's 9pm on Christmas Eve, and your gift-shopping list is still longer than your forearm. Is there anything more frustrating at this point than waiting at the till as someone fumbles for their cards, or even finding yourself struggling to find your own plastic while weighed down with presents for little Timmy? Barclaycard believes it has the answer, popping its contactless NFC credit card tech into a pair of winter-warming gloves.

Complete with touchscreen-compatible tips, the gloves were the most popular concept wearable payment method among the customers it quizzed, followed by rings and bracelets. A small number of "pay-glove" prototypes have been created as a result, to be trialled over the Christmas shopping period. As a result, you can't order a pair for yourself; rather, it's Barclaycard exploring all the possible avenues it can to get you racking up your bill for future Christmas panic-buying rushes.

Of course, come June a contactless payment glove is going to be even more annoying than rummaging around in a wallet or bag for a card -- no-one likes clammy hands. But a future where a transaction is completed with a handshake seems an incredibly genteel one; perhaps an NFC chip in a ring would do the trick? Time to start stockpiling the hand sanitiser, methinks. [Barclaycard]