The Gizmodo Grotto: Christmas Gifts, Guides and Grub

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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Or "humbug, humbug, humbug", if the festive period makes you feel a bit Scrooge-like.

Whatever your stance on the season of St Nick, three things are guaranteed:

  1. You will bend all scientifically accepted notions of the fabric of space by forcing twice as much food into your stomach as should be physically possible.
  2. You will get into an argument with a roll of sellotape more vicious than any you've ever had with a human.
  3. You will spend a few lazy days with 'eff all to do.

While we can't help you with the first two, we're well equipped to sorting out that third point. Welcome to The Gizmodo Christmas Grotto! Over the next few weeks, we'll be updating this page daily with all the best Christmas-related finds on the web. From guides on perfecting your Turkey roast to Secret Santa ideas through to the best Christmas TV shows for 2014's break, we'll have all that and more heading into this page. Keep the Grotto bookmarked -- whether you've been naughty or nice, we'll have something for everyone.

Crapmodo: Last Minute Christmas Gift Express

You've left it too late. There's no time to have something customised, built to order, captured from outside earth's orbit, made to smell like something she likes or engraved with a special message. Read more >

How to Actually Catch Santa This Christmas

Some magical fat guy in a red suit thinks he's coming into your house as he pleases in the middle of the night?! Not on your watch. Here's what you'll need to start your own personal War on Christmas. Read more >

A Single Chinese Town Makes Most of the World's Christmas Decorations

Did you ever step back and think about where all of these holiday decorations come from? A factory in China is the easy answer. An entire town of factories specialising in Christmas cheer is the correct answer. Read more >

Spread Christmas Cheer Even Farther With This Flying Remote Controlled Tree

Forget Amazon deliveries, this is the real reason we should be investing in drone technology. Read more >

The Best Camera for Every Parent

If you have kids, the impulse to document every instant of their waking lives is nearly as powerful as the impulse to feed and shelter them. I'll help you find the perfect camera to freeze those priceless moments. Read more >

Dealzmodo Boxing Day Breaking Deals Hub

Dusted yourself down from your Black Friday scrapes and ready to go to war again for the right to own slightly cheaper tech? We salute you. Personally, we expect to still be drunk in front of the sofa, face in a pile of dates, as the Boxing Day sales kick off, but our friends at TechRadar will be finding and collating the very cheapest deals for you Read more >

Secret Santa: 10 Best Presents for Less Than £10

Instead of buying an utterly crap trinket for Secret Santa, it's nice to give your clandestine recipient something cheap and useful, if only to avoid feeling like a personal Scrooge. Here are ten ideas for actually decent presents to give to people this year, all coming in under the psychologically important £10 mark. Read more >

Gizmodo's Top TV for Christmas 2014: Doctor Who, Black Mirror, Top Gear and More

Forget picking up the Radio Times -- it’s basically 200 pages of adverts. Instead, take a look at our painstakingly-picked televisual tips. These are the very best shows to watch on the gogglebox this Yuletide season. Read more >

The Best Smartwatch for Every Wrist

Smartwatches have come a long way since they showed up a few years ago. Which ones are best at keeping me from pulling out my phone? I decided to find out. Read more >

The Most Amazing Toys of the Past 50 Years

Every year after Christmas the Toy Retailers Association picks the most successful toy and gives it the majestic title, 'Toy of the Year'. Let's take a look at some of the most successful entries and our favourite past winners. Read more >

Bestmodo: The Five Best Budget Smartphones for Christmas

The top end of the smartphone market is looking ludicrous. Why? because it's increasingly easy to get a perfectly decent phone for £100. If you want an Android or Windows phone, it's less and less clear why you need to spend £400 to get one. Here are your best options. Read more >

A Day With the Willy Wonka of Crisps, Kettle Chips Head Chef Chris Barnard

When offered a trip to the Kettle Chips factory in Norwich, I felt like Charlie Bucket finding his Golden Ticket. This was my Wonka Tour, and I was going to Augustus Gloop it for all it was worth. Read more >

Black Mirror Christmas Special to Bring Twitter Blocking to Real Life

Charlie Brooker's occasionally thought-provoking, consistently depressing modern-tech-taken-apart drama series Black Mirror is heading back for a full-length special in time fill us with Christmas cheer. Its topic? Twitter-blocking people in real life. Read more >

Bestmodo: The Five Best Bike Lights for Christmas
Whatever your needs – whether off-road or on road – these are the best products on the market to light up your bicycling life. Read more >

The Four Best TV Shows You Can Stream in 4K Right Now

Damn, Walter White's 'tache looks immaculate in 3840x2160. Read more >

The Best 4K Clips to Show Off Your Swanky New 4K Telly

Youtube is a great source of short 4K clips that are perfect to show off your new TV. We've collected eleven of the best videos the streaming service has to offer. Read more >

What's the Worst Christmas Present You've Ever Received?

From baggy jumpers to dodgy chocolate liqueurs, we've all found something naff under our Christmas trees where there should have been a shiny flatscreen TV or the year's must-have games console. Read more >

Seth MacFarlane Made a Christmas Album and it's Actually Very Good

The Family Guy creator croons his way through 13 songs in Holiday for Swing! in a voice that sometimes is a dead-ringer for Frank Sinatra (no joke), MacFarlane breathes new life into some old classics that I happily played on repeat for several hours. Read more >

Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Spotify and App Stores Have Killed Christmas

We talk a lot, at least when it comes to music, about how artists are being short changed by the world of streaming. But I think there’s also a forgotten victim of the rise in popularity of Spotify, Netflix et al: the Christmas gift-giver. Read more >

UK Police Will Use Twitter to "Name and Shame" Drink Drivers This Christmas

Drink driving is for losers, and hammering home the point this month will be the Sussex and Surrey police force. As well as charging motorists caught under the influence of drink and/or drugs over the Christmas period, it will be "naming and shaming" offenders on Twitter too. Read more >

Bestmodo: The 5 Best Action Cams for Winter

Wanting something to strap to your noggin to capture you cycling to the extreme, to send up surveying on your new drone, or to just waddle around experiencing what your toddler sees when they fall over a lot? Action cams are the perfect way to capture these moments where other cameras can't, or won't, go. Read more >

This Year, Google's Santa Tracker Gets Kids to Code

Santa Claus is under surveillance: Google is helping children of all ages to to keep tabs on the portly gift giver, giving them some new technical skills along the way. Read more >

Best Christmas Pudding 2014: Tesco Trumps Rivals With Pud That's "Not Too Boozy"

Back in the day, Christmas pudding was one of those things nan would always make from scratch. But for most of us now, it's far too time consuming on top of all of the other cooking tasks required for a sumptuous Christmas dinner. Read more >

Hide Your Crimbo Booze on Your Tree With These Ornament Shot Glasses

Making it even easier to get sloshed on the big day. Read more >

The Best Drone for Every Indoor Need

Drones are going to be one of the most popular presents for Christmas 2014. Here's our line-up of the best ones for your gift-buying needs. Read more >

How to Take Christmas Photos That Aren't Terrible

Family gatherings over Christmas are the ripest events of the year for photo-documentation. Rather than leaving the task to Aunt Edna, take those reins yourself. You can capture the finest damn pictures this family has ever seen! Read more >

Bestmodo: The Five Best Fitness Trackers for Christmas

It's still far from clear when the kind of footpods that Adidas have been messing about with for years suddenly morphed into "wearables". But if you want to track physical activity, there's now a bewildering number of wristbands to do it with. But which are best? Read more >

The Mathematical Formula For the Perfectly Decorated Christmas Tree

It turns out that decorating your Christmas tree isn't necessarily all about taste. Mathematicians at the University of Sheffield have developed a formula for the perfect way to deck the halls. Read more >

The Best TV and Movie Streaming Devices

Television, and more specifically what to watch, at Christmas can be a minefield. Well, do away with the mainstream broadcasts and consider picking up one of the various TV and movie streaming devices, to put a more personal touch on your holiday viewing. Read more >

Quickly Kid-Proof Your House for Christmas

If you don't have kids, there are probably knives, prescriptions drugs, poison, and electronics lying everywhere. But now the family is coming to visit with something that could destroy everything you love: children. Read more >

Hack Your Christmas Lights To Flash When You Get Email

The holidays can drag after a while. If the constant festive cheer gets too much, here's a project to take your mind off things: make your Christmas tree lights flash when you get new email. Read more >

Five Awesome Christmas Drinks to Get You Through Dinner With the In-Laws

Some of us will spend the next few weeks being dragged round various relative's pads and tortured through long afternoons of small-talk with pea-brained people you don't really want to chat to. We feel your pain. So here's five Christmas-themed drinks to get you through it. Read more 

TechRadar's Christmas Gift Idea Kit List

We asked our review-hungry sister site to round up its experts and threaten them with an extreme reindeer fly-by unless they provided us with a list of last-minute gift ideas – and decent online deals to get them, too. They duly coughed up… Read more >

Last Minute Magazine Subscriptions for Christmas

Save up to 69 per cent on the best tech, design, photography and entertainment magazines around with print, digital and all-you-can-eat subscriptions to the likes of T3, Digital Camera, .Net, Computer Arts, PC Gamer and Total Film. Read more >