The Interview is Available on VOD, Just Not for Us

By Darren Orf on at

The Interview has had the craziest release story of any film in the history of ever. But a crippling hacking attack, terrorist threats, and state-sponsored "cybervandalism" aside, The Interview is now (finally) available—unless you live in the UK.

Lucky folks stateside can buy or rent the movie on Google Play or YouTube, but right now there doesn't seem to be an option to do that from the UK. You might have some success with a location-changing VPN, but when we tried it didn't seem to be working.

According to Variety we might be able to see it on Netflix in a few days, and while that will likely be US-only we all know accessing the US catalogue is as easy as installing a browser extension.

It was only a week ago that Sony had absolutely no plans to release The Interview in any way. After announcing that The Interview would be making it to select cinemas in time for its originally planned Christmas release, rumours also suggested that Sony was considering video-on-demand avenues, possibly its own Crackle service was reported as a possibility. With The New York Times reporting that Apple backed away from the opportunity, Sony officially announced its partners only an hour before the film's release.

So there you have it. The forbidden fruit that is Judd Apatow's The Interview is now available to watch (somewhere). Can we stop talking about it now?