The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer's Twin-Necked Guitar Hero Needs To Be Heard

By Matt Hill on at

So yesterday the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer hit the web and the world pretty much melted under the heat of its brilliance. Fire-spitting hot rods, dust tornadoes, Charlize Theron kicking arse in scary make-up and, amid the many, many explosions, a bloke playing a twin-necked guitar in a private gig on a truck without a care in the world.

What? You missed that last bit? Watch again at 1 minute 43…

Yep, as poor old Tom "Max" Hardy is being dangled on a pole over the post-apocalyptic destruction derby, some total dude is getting his System of a Down on. We've no idea who he's supposed to be playing to other than his bad self, but pole-vaulting Max appears to have the best seat in the house ("Bit of Raining Blood for the ladieees").

It's not quite good enough for our Max, though, as he's soon down on stage, fighting off a machete-wielding nutjob and playing the guitar himself. Oh, and did we mention that the guitar is a flamethrower? We so need this film.

Mad Max, of course, is just the latest decades-old franchise to be resurrected, but this one is helmed by the original director, George Miller, who still seems very much at the height of his powers.

Of course, there will be some purists who no doubt complain that the new film lacks the Australian connection of the original. But seriously, watch that trailer again. If you have a problem with anything in it, you have a problem with life. [@anthonynoguera]