The Multi-Tool Mechanical Pencil of Your Dorkiest Dreams

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

Despite the fact that they are increasingly archaic—or maybe because of it?—we're always on the lookout for great pencils here at Giz. So we were excited to discover that a far less expensive facsimile of one of our all-time-favourites is enjoying a quiet popularity on Amazon.

Back in April, we wrote about Rotring's fantastic—and fantastically expensive—800+, a heavy brass hexagonal mechanical pencil that the German company recently updated with a stylus-ready tip. Unfortunately, the 800+ runs a steep £58. But as Gearculture points out helpfully today, Monteverde now makes a more reasonable simulacrum of the 800+ called the One Touch Stylus Tool. In fact, it does more, with hidden screwdriver heads (regular and phillips) and a multi-unit ruler (the pen version has a built-in level, above). And it costs just a third of our beloved 800+. If you're a fan of gratuitously expensive writing utensils, you're welcome. [Amazon]