The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I need to pay more attention to the Dealzmodo posts when I can, especially with those Lego advent calendars. I tried to get my hands on one last week, because Lego is awesome and I am a giant man-child.

I was horrified by the fact that they are sold out and going for somewhere between £40 and £60 on eBay. Note to self: next year buy them when they're £15 and avoid disappointment. But it's December now, so make way for the first wave of Christmassy apps:

iPhone Apps

Advent 2014 - 25 Days of Christmas: It's an annual tradition to get the App Store's advent calendar, and 2014 is no exception. Now on everyday during December you will be eligible for one free app. There are also daily mini-games to help keep you entertained. [Free]

addapt: Making sure everyone knows when you've updated your contact details is a chore, but addapt automatically updates your information in everyone else's version of the app so you don't have to worry. It's updated now with a new design and layout along with new features like tapp (the option to send quick notifications to contacts), favourites, and groups. [Free]

Quikkly: QR codes have a bit of a mixed reputation, to say the least. One of the main problems is that they don't take you anywhere directly, instead taking you to a page with some writing on it. Quikkly lets you make your own tags that are actually useful. Examples include hyperlinking, sending a Facebook Like, or even a link that will let you listen to something on Spotify. [Free]

Opinion: The simplest and most basic way to create and share podcasts using nothing but your iPhone. Just record, edit, and rearrange clips with a drag-and-drop feature, then share it via email, iMessage, or to Soundcloud. If you want unlimited recording then you need to pay £2.49, otherwise you're limited to 10-minute recordings. [Free]

A Hollow Body: This is a cinematic walk round the City of London, commissioned by the Museum of London and inspired by the exploits of one Sherlock Holmes. You and a companion will be guided round the city with a soundtrack and narration, like it would be if you were in a film. All in all, it runs for about 45 minutes.

iPad Apps

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath: Another console game ported over to iOS, Stranger's Wrath is the most recent addition to the Oddworld series. You take on the role of Stranger, a bounty hunter looking to earn enough money to be able to afford a life-saving operation. It's a shooter that lets you switch between first- and third-person mode, and armed with your crossbow you have to collect the bounties and not die. [£3.99]

Disco Fingers: An interesting way to create music for adults and children. Each 'Disco Finger' represents a different musical instrument, and the way you place them determines the pitch of the end result. It will always be in tune, you can add in your own voice and filters, and once you're done you can share it to the Disco Fingers FM Radio to interact with people all over the world. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Glose: The book club is a time-honoured tradition and now there's a way to do the whole thing digitally, because human contact is overrated. Glose isn't just your average eBook store/reader, it also has a community who use the app to share and discuss the books that they've read. There are over 300,000 books available, from some famous authors, alongside the kind of features you'd see on a Kindle, like annotations. [Free]

Rooster Teeth: The official app of the folks that came to fame for making Red vs Blue. This is basically a central hub for you to watch a large number of Rooster Teeth's videos. Whether that's Achievement Hunter, Slow-Mo Guys, Let's Play, The Know, or general Rooster Teeth videos. [Free]

The Witcher AG: This is a digital adaptation of The Witcher series' board game, set in the same world as the video games. You head off on a journey completing quests, slaying monsters, and even taking part in political events. You have four characters to choose from, each with its own skillset, and you have to decide whether you're going to attempt victory by fighting, or through diplomacy. [£3.99]

Android Apps

snowbuddy: Winter is pretty much upon us, and with winter comes winter sports: snowbuddy is the app you use to make the most of it. The app helps you track your stats like any other physical activity app, as well as piste maps and various challenges you can take part in against your friends. [Free]

Dat Gif: Forget about emoji, you can't properly convey your emotion unless you use a GIF and Dat Gif is the perfect way for Android users to do it. You just search for a GIF and send it to one of your friends. The real thing here is actually finding them, and you can see trending GIFs, or search for them yourself. Once you have it, you can pin it and save it for later. [Free]

Yonomi: The best way to describe this is a central hub and virtual assistant to make controlling all of your smart devices easier. That could be your Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lights, or Sonos speakers. It's designed to simplify your life, doing things like turning your lights on when you get home, or telling you the weather forecast when you wake up. The device compatibility is limited right now, but more is apparently on the way. [Free]

Geek - Smarter Shopping: Black Friday has just shown how badly us Brits want to get our hands on a bargain, so if you're into all this 'technology' everyone is raving on about you might want to save money when you buy it. This app will give you 50-80 per cent off when you're buying things like headphones, TVs, watches, and so on. [Free]

Photo Editor Christmas: Christmas is coming, so expect the gimmicky things to start popping up anytime now. Photo Editor Christmas is a way of adding some festive cheer to your photos, with festive themed filters, frames, and posters. Oh and stickers, it's not a mobile-editing app if there aren't any stickers. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

tado: tado is another smart heating system that works automatically from your smartphone. For instance, if you are the last person to leave the house, tado will turn the heating off. You need to have the app to take full advantage of the system, and it's available on Windows Phone now. [Free]

Flightradar24 Free: A new free version of the app, which lets you view and track aircraft in real time. You can see the flight number, call sign, and even use the augmented reality view that lets you see which planes are overhead at any given time. [Free] Mandarin is a tricky language to master, so you might need some help learning it. is a great way to do it, with guided lessons, a dictionary, vocabulary lists, and ways to track your own progress so you know how you're doing. [Free]

Allrecipes: An app with 50,000 recipes and a community of over 40 million users, Allrecipes is, well, a recipe app. There are reviews, pictures, and you can even search by ingredients. Now it has Cortana support, meaning you can use Microsoft's plucky virtual assistant to find your saved favourites with a single command. [Free]

Media Browser: A nice alternative to the likes of Plex, Media Browser is a place you can stick all your media files and watch them from any Windows Phone or compatible Media Browser client. If you're watching it elsewhere, you can even use your phone as a remote control. There's also Cinema Mode which mimics the experience by showing a few trailers before your video. It's not clear whether the screaming children and overpriced popcorn is included. [£2.49]