The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all got that one friend/relative who is impossible to buy gifts for. I am unlucky enough to have two: my mother who never knows what she wants, and my friend who declares that he doesn't like presents and doesn't want anything (weird right?). Remember what it was like as a kid when you didn't have to worry about all that? Good times. But if you are stuck, we do have one app to help you out.

Thankfully the other releases this week are not overly Christmassy, so you scrooges out there will have to find something else to be grumpy at.

iPhone Apps

Kweek Week: An app for discovering the latest and best ways to spend your time, whether that's at music gigs, exhibitions, or stand-up comedy. Plus you can book and manage it all from within the app. It's had a new update with a brand-new design optimised for iOS 8, and the new big-screen iPhones. [Free]

Libon: An app for calling international numbers, even if it's a number that isn't connected to another Libon app. Libon to Libon calls are all free, but if each of your friends who joins Libon will net you an extra five minutes of free calls every month (up to 60). [Free]

Top10 - Hotels: Going to visit family? Maybe holidaying somewhere? If you're in search of a hotel, and this is another app to help you find one. It's just been updated to include a new design, an in-app booking function, and many smaller fixes to make it a much smoother experience. [Free]

Sortpad: An app designed to help you organise your photos quickly and easily. You create your own albums, and all you need to do is swipe the photos to sort it out. If you have a pro subscription you can use those swipes to send pictures to Dropbox as well. Sure as hell beats having a messy camera roll, right? [Free -- with optional subscription]

Thoughtful Gift Finder: Struggling to actually buy something? This is perfect for you. Thoughtful Gift Finder is the gift guide from, which will help you find an enormous selection of creative gifts for people with almost any interest. I wish I'd known about this a week ago. [Free]

iPad Apps

Chartcube: An app to transform your spreadsheets into a more visually appealing, interactive 'cube' that you can explore with swiping and tapping gestures. It's designed to help you spend less time organising your data, and more time understanding it. Which is what you need really, because all the organised data in the world is useless if you don't understand what you're talking about. [Free]

Snipboard: A keyboard that makes your life a little bit easier by remembering frequently used text snippets for quick-access. It's not automatic, meaning you have to add them into the app manually. That does mean you can add in whatever you want, and it won't be irritating by remembering your typos. Each snippet becomes its own button, saving you from having to type it all out or remembering. [Free]

Next for iPad: This is an app I've mentioned before because it makes your budgeting look a lot more visually appealing. It's had an update for iOS 8, including a new widget for the app's 'Today' view, and new filters to help you choose what you want to see. [£1.99]

Game of Thrones: The ever-popular TV series has been made into a game that doesn't actually suck, and you can get it on your iPad. It's a six-part episodic series, and this comes bundled with episode one. Take on the role as a member of House Forrester, sworn to House Stark, as they try to navigate the War of the Five Kings with their family in tact. It's a similar game to the likes of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, so if you enjoyed those then this is a good one to go for. [£2.99]

Dragon Quest 3: The popular JRPG has been ported over to iOS to bring you a game that is enjoyable regardless of whether or not you've played any Dragon Quest games before. There are 30 hours of gameplay, and you play to upgrade your team in order to slay the master of darkness for your father, the King. [£6.99]

Android Apps

AZ Screen Recorder: Some Android phones have features that let you record the screen, while others do not. This is firmly for phones in the 'do not' category, just as long as they're running Lollipop. It's all free, there's no watermarking, and you can even record audio for a commentary at the same time. [Free]

Zapya: A cross-platform app (iOS, Android, and Windows PC) that lets you share a variety of files without necessitating a network or Bluetooth connection. They can be music files, video files, pictures, and many other things, and the transfer itself promises to be 128 times faster than your average Bluetooth connection. [Free]

Ghostery Privacy Browser: Online tracking is happening all the time. Whether it's Google, Facebook, or advertisers. Well Ghostery gives you the option of 'opting-out', so to speak, by blocking those trying to track your browsing habits without slowing down your browsing speed. If just doing that on your mobile isn't good enough, Ghostery is also available in all browsers except Internet Explorer. [Free]

Opera Mini beta web browser: A new version of Opera Mini, designed to be more innovative and lighter on the eyes. That means no more buttons taking up precious screen space, as well as using up less data. There's also a private browser included, along with the same customisable display that Opera on mobile is known for. [Free]

MAPS.ME Online maps on your phone are incredibly useful, but it's no good if you end up out of range. MAPS.ME is an offline mapping system that will let you locate yourself, and generate a route without the need for an active data connection. That means no roaming charges abroad, and no getting stuck when you end up in a deadspot. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

BBC Sport: If using the BBC Sport website just isn't doing it for you, then you'll be glad to hear that it's now officially available on Windows Phone. You've got news, live scores, analysis, commentaries, and more. Perfect for any sports fan with a Windows Phone. [Free]

GFXBench: An app that's designed to measure graphical performance, render quality, and power consumption for Windows Phone devices. Basically you can check how a game is going to run on your phone using a selection of 3D graphics tests, so you can see whether it's actually worth buying or not. [Free]

Disqus: Want to stay on top of all your conversations on the web without checking individual websites? Well that's what this app is for. You can check up on various discussions you've been having (including those on Giz), follow people's activity, and check out thousands of discussions that you wouldn't normally have seen. [Free]

8Stream: In another case of app devs ignoring Windows Phone, Twitch is not officially available on the platform. Thankfully there are people on that, and 8Stream is one of the by-products. You can actually log into your Twitch account, watch live streams, follow streamers and more. [Free]

O2 Priority: An O2 exclusive, the standard Priority Moments app has had a hefty update to bring some OS parity with iOS and Android. There's been a major graphical overhaul, and that means you an get the best and newest deals and offers. There's also Cortana support. [Free]