This Guy's Job is to Hack Cameras for National Geographic Photographers

By Michael Hession on at

If you've ever dreamt of a weird feature you wanted your camera to have for a specially specific purpose, the guy to call would be Kenji, National Geographic's very own tinkerer extraordinaire. Head over to their very own Proof blog for a peek inside his workshop.

Kenji works at the service of Nat Geo's many photographers who encounter weird and challenging shooting scenarios all the time. As described by Proof:

When a photographer needs to fasten a camera onto a thirty-foot pole to capture a bird in her nest, or build a wide-angle macro lens to identify pollen on a flower with mountains in the background, he'll call Kenji.

This Guy's Job Is to Hack Cameras for National Geographic Photographers

What a damn cool job. Kenji has been at it for 32 years, and is motivated simply by making the gadgets he works with perform better. Imagine, instead of bitching about your camera's missing feature, you could just open it up and engineer it in yourself. Watch the video produced by David Ehrenberg at Proof to hear Kenji talk about his work and life.

Video stills by David Ehrenberg