This is the Most Insane PC Gaming Rig You'll Ever See

By Gerald Lynch on at

Elite: Dangerous is a game that inspires fan devotion -- a truly epic space sim, it lets you fight, trade and cruise through a seemingly-endless galaxy, stunningly realised. It's deserving of an impressive PC gaming rig. But "impressive" doesn't do Markus Boesen's set-up justice. "Insane" is more like it -- he might as well have the Millennium Falcon's cockpit in his living room.

Projecting the game onto three panels at a stonking 5760 x 1080 resolution, it's as if he really is sitting at the controls of a starship. But that's just the beginning -- as well as an array of Saitek joysticks, controlling in-game throttle, yaw and pitch, he has touchscreen inputs, voice recognition and head tracking features built into his DIY cockpit too.

I'm not sure whether to be in awe of the guy or despair for him, but I can't pretend that I wouldn't spend every waking minute in front of this thing if someone set it up in my house. He's living the dream, or so my 14 year old self would believe. Get a closer look at Boesen's rig in the videos below. [Kotaku]