This Pop-Up Retro Games Shop in London is Selling Anniversary PS4s for £19.94 (Updated)

By Matt Hill on at

Remember that new PS4 that looks a bit like a PS1 we told you about? After someone who is clearly entirely sensible paid more than $15,000 for one on eBay, PlayStation has slashed the price to £19.94, almost as if to laugh in Mr Entirely Sensible's grey-marketing face.

Of course, that's not why it's done it – and there's a catch or two. This PS1-release-date-referencing price tag is being pinned to just 94 (*creak of PlayStation's self-referential crowbar*) of the PS4 20th Anniversary consoles in the stock room.

They'll be on sale Wednesday 10 December only, alongside a load of similarly misty-eyed merch, at a secret pop-up, retro-styled "PlayStation '94 Shop" on, to my local eyes, what looks like east London's Bethnal Green Road, near Slam City Skates:

For a child of Harrow, whose local game shops ran the gamut from jumper-wearing, Games Workshop-esque Speccy dens like Adam's World to sticky-floored, behind-the-peeling-VHS-posters back rooms like Video Hits, they appear to have got the look authentically low rent. Although as an adult of Bethnal Green, most of the phone-cracking shops down there have kept that interior decor trend very much alive anyway.

But woah there! Don't get too carried away by our nostalgic digression to think you can just get your ass to London in a mad dash to be in the first 94 for the 11am opening – that would be way too simple. You also have to have in your possession: 1 x piece of PlayStation memorabilia (a WipEout soundtrack should do) and 1 x a super-secret password… that's in the video above.

If you can't be arsed with queues, or are less concerned about eBay mark-ups, you could give tomorrow's queue-laden media scrum a miss and pop down on Thursday or Friday (11am to 7pm), where 50 more of these fashionably rare, edition-of-less-than-13,000 'Original Gray' consoles will be available each day for a full-fat £399.

Update #1 : According to your Facebook feedback, 94 overnight campers are already in place. We're going to pop down when it's open and will report back…

Update #2: Pictures from the scene this Wednesday morning…

Update #3: We've had a sneak peek inside the pop-up shop…

We've posted the full gallery here.

Update #4: According to one queue leaver, the 50 anniversary PS4s set to be sold each day on Thursday and Friday have already been allocated to people who queued and they have wristbands to line jump.

Update #5: PlayStation has confirmed the above to us: that all anniversary PS4s have sold out from the pop-shop. The first 294 people in the queue were given wrist bands and will return over the next two days to collect.