Three UK Has Racked Up 3.1 Million 4G Users

By Gerald Lynch on at

Three UK has been pretty coy in the past about the number of users jumping onto its 4G network -- after all, as the only UK network offering 4G for free as standard, you'd hope for its sake that the userbase stats would positively reflect that fact. Thankfully, it does -- since kicking off the roll-out proper in December of last year, it's had 3.1 million of its customers tap into its 4G data offering.

To put that in perspective, that makes it the second-most popular 4G network in the UK, behind EE's 6 million users, and ahead of O2 with 3 million, and Vodafone with 1.4 million. Three's got roughly 48 per cent of the UK covered by its 4G service now. Should its parent company Hutchison Whampoa carry out its rumoured buyout of O2 and consolidate, it'd just about push it to the top of that list. [Three UK]