TV Ownership Falls as We Stare at Smaller Streaming Screens Instead

By Gary Cutlack on at

The number of homes without a TV in the UK has risen for the first time in history, with numbers suggesting 26.02m homes had TVs at the end of 2013 -- down from 26.33m at the end of 2012. That's 310,000 tellies on the scrapheap in favour of tablets, phones and opting to stare at the curtains in silence instead of watch abysmal dirge like Strictly.

The stats come from a comprehensive report into our media consumption habits and communications infrastructure released by Ofcom. The report says there are nearly one million homes in the UK that have a broadband connection but no TV, as this small band of pioneers moves beyond the traditional lounge-based big-screen consumption model and embraces catch-up TV as their main entertainment source.

The stats have been released to promote Ofcom's new Interactive Map that attempts to round up all services available to particular areas and postcodes, telling you exactly how poor the 3G coverage might be in your vicinity. [Ofcom]