UK Police Will Use Twitter to "Name and Shame" Drink Drivers This Christmas

By Gerald Lynch on at

Drink driving is for losers, and hammering home the point this month will be the Sussex and Surrey police force. As well as charging motorists caught under the influence of drink and/or drugs over the Christmas period, it will be "naming and shaming" offenders on Twitter too.

Police will tweet details on those that have been pulled over, including where and when they were caught breaking the law. And if you were pulled over last year and think you've managed to get off lightly, think again, as a fate perhaps even worse will befall those that took risks on the road last year. 2013 drink driving offenders will find they've become the subject of posters stuck near to where they were caught.

It'll be hard to argue against the police action too, with the Information Commissioner's Office setting a precedent by stating it would take no action against Staffordshire Police who used similar deterrent tactics earlier this year. [BBC]

Image Credit: Blue Bus