What's the Dumbest Name for a Gadget You've Ever Heard?

By Darren Orf on at

During the bustle of the Christmas season, one particular smartphone advert gave me pause. It was an ad for "the world's thinnest smartphone," a handset I had never heard before, called the Kazam Tornado 348.

Of course the one-minute commercial itself was bizarre and stupid. Ignoring the ridiculous and gratuitous 40-second arse shot you have to get through before you actually get to the smartphone, I still couldn't get over just how dumb that name sounded.

For electronics in particular, there is a lot in a name. Nexus? Totally cool, and has a kind of sci-fi awesomeness to it. iPhone? Pretty much as iconic as it gets. So on and so on. But if someone asked me what kind of smartphone I had and I was, for whatever reason, caught with this thing—I'd rather smash the gadget into the ground and say "what smartphone?" than utter the words "Kazam Tornado."

What about you? Have you ever stumbled upon a gadget designation so dumb that you almost couldn't bear repeating it?