What's the Worst Christmas Present You've Ever Received?

By Gerald Lynch on at

That creepy fella up top? He's Krampus, a monstrous creature from Alpine folklore that would punish naughty children if they misbehaved over Christmas. If you've ever got a rubbish present over the festive period, you may well have him to blame.

From baggy jumpers to dodgy chocolate liqueurs, we've all found something naff under our Christmas trees where there should have been a shiny flatscreen TV or the year's must-have games console.

One of my favourite stories from recent times was the family that had gifted each other some Beats headphones. Now, before the audiophile brigade jump onboard and start saying how they couldn't think of anything worse than receiving a pair of Dre-endorsed over-ears, spare a thought for the particular plight for this family. The packaging was right, the weight was right, but the contents inside the Beats box wasn't exactly what they'd hoped for. Rather than chunky black and red audio cans, they found instead a couple of cans of tuna. Poor little Timmy never got over it.

So how about you? While fishy knock-offs may be a bit extreme, you must have all had a disappointing, dodgy or downright bizarre gift given to you at some point. What was the worst?